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Hey, I'm Lukas Kaiser.
This is my graphic design portfolio.
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Heeling cream concept package


Hello, I'm Lukas and I have found myself completely immersed in the world of design. Visual communication is something that I feel very passionate about, and I enjoy the challenge of testing my creative boundaries.

I have been passionate about art ever since I could remember. Taking that passion and translating it into a powerful message is what lead me to pursue design.

I earned my Bachelor’s in graphic design at the Florence Institute of Design located in Florence, Italy. My studies provided me with insight about the design industry, and it lit a fire within me to explore my own style and brand.

I hope you enjoy my design portfolio! Take a scroll down and explore some of my work. Enjoy, and thank you for your time.


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The Vintage Barber

This is an exploration logo. The task was to create a modern feeling vintage logo. There is a clear use of textures and decorative elements in this piece which suggest elements of a past time. The execution, however, has a modern feel to it with its use of clean lines, calculated placement, and symmetry. Overall a nice combination of retro and modern elements.

AX Software

Ax software is a startup based in Slovakia creating innovative AI software that helps improve public television broadcasting in Slovakia. The startup needed a tech feeling symbol to represent their brand, and its services. This logo embodies the feeling of a microchip which is often an image associated with tech companies.

Baja Spirit

A tour agency that takes you on a boat to an island in the Sea of Cortez where you stay in remote ecolodges. During your stay you experience fishing, hiking and boating around the island where you can encounter extraordinary wildlife.


Mindtastik is a yoga studio embodying peace, growth, and serenity. The concept behind this symbol is to represent the brands values using the image of a Bonsai tree, which often times is connected to these characteristics.


A logo design for a very talented fashion designer based in Florence, Italy. She has a soft and elegant touch with finite attention to detail. This logo represents these characteristics.

One Shot Consulting

Taking inspiration from “The Odyssey," Odysseus was gone for too long, and suitors lined up to take the hand of Penelope. She told them that whoever could string and shoot Odysseus's bow and arrow through 12 axe heads could have her hand. The trick was that she knew no one except Odysseus could string his bow, and fire it with such precision. One Shot Consulting embodies this story, because like Odysseus, it is the best and only option when it comes to finding proper candidates for your business.

Oto Gomes

A personal logo for an individual who provides e-learning services about cryptocurrencies. This logo is constructed using his initials "OG" in a single bold icon. The icon as a whole almost evokes a coin, as often is thought about when discussing the topic of currencies. The result is simple, clean, and timeless.

Chavez Fit

Red Bicycle

This is a concept design for a classic BBQ grill restaurant. The trademark of the restaurant is a red bicycle that was used as the main symbol of the logo. The client was looking for a modern, impactful, yet simple design using the colors black and red.


A company that takes a new approach to branding by involving the client from start to finish; really teaching the client about understanding their brand, and the power of it's image. The concept behind “Pxel” stems from the company’s services, and "pixel perfect" approach in execution.


A country restaurant logo design. The restaurant prides itself with it's organic farm to table ingrediencies. This is a classic feeling logo with "Americana" being the central focus surrounded by simple design choices, and all is held together neatly by the subtext positioned around it.


Crelax is an Instagram platform which promotes therapy through creation of art. Followers can participate in daily art exercises to boost their confidence, limit stress, and maximize positivity. This geometric logo takes inspiration from building blocks, conveying a sense of construction and creativity.

Florence Casine Family

A fitness group located in Florence Italy. Open to all nationalities and genders. They were looking for a strong logo to represent them. This is a monogram made using their groups initials creating a strong emblem to represent the group.

Full Spectrum Agriculture 

This is a concept logo for a gardening business. This composition highlights the companies services and products; all neatly constructed into a logo


Mind Map IPA

Mind Map IPA is a concept design for an IPA brewery. It has a fun, eye catching design that appeals to the funky lifestyle of an avid IPA consumer. The logo has a crunchy style to it and the label is a pattern of assorted icons derived from the mind of an earthy fellow.


Floret Artesian Kitchen

Floret is an artesian kitchen and juice bar located in the heart of Florence, Italy. They are mostly known for their freshly hand-pressed juices, but also their well crafted organic food. Floret is a huge advocate of a fit, and health life style. They offer loyalty cards to frequent customers, as well as a subscription based plan for weekly juice cleanses.

Pxel Creative

Pxel Creative is a branding company that offers a new and fresh way for clients to obtain their dream brand identity. The company works primarily through its website, until the branding process starts. What is unique about Pxel is that there are an array of different graphic styles featured on the website, such as minimal, grunge, vintage, and illustrative, that show different brand solutions executed in those styles. Clients are prompted to browse through them to get an idea of what might be appropriate for their brand. This not only gives the client a sense of involvement in the branding process, but also narrows down their scattered ideas. After that, the client can fill out the forum provided, and Pxel will get them connected with a designer specializing in that style. From there, the client and the designer work together to make the clients vision come to life!

Shrimps 'R' Us

"Shrimps R Us" is a restaurant and Tiki bar in Welaka, Florida. This neighborhood favorite is known for its friendly atmosphere and large selection of locally caught seafood. Our goal for their re-brand was to elevate the restaurant's sophistication by creating something approachable and elegant at the same time


Fact Pill

A concept website design for a media company. Fact Pill is an organization that spreads word about U.S. government spending. Their goal is to empower the people, by creating awareness on what the national budget is being spent on. This helps citizens make better voting judgments, and gives them more control over what their taxes are being spent on.

People can subscribe to Fact Pill, and read free daily articles. They can also download unique chart posters that the brand creates as a way for supporters to spread information and awareness themselves.

Bag Riders web pages

Bag Riders is an after market car part online store that mainly focuses on performance air suspension. They carry a verity of car parts for enthusiast.

For this project I was tasked with redesigning a few pages, stream lining the vehicle selector, organizing products to filter more optimally, and optimizing page information for good SEO.

Visit (I was only responsible for redesigning the vehicle landing pages and not the entire site.)



F1 Monza poster GIF

This is a supporting GIF that goes with the F1 Monza, Grand Prix concept poster. This is a contemporary poster displaying speed, technology, and mechanics, all characteristics of the Futurism movement which was a point of inspiration for this concept poster.

Crelax logo animation

Crelax is an Instagram page which promotes therapy through the creation of art. Followers can participate in daily art exercises to boost their confidence, limit stress, and maximize positivity.

This is the logo animation for the brand. The animation starts by bursting out of the center of the spectators view, revealing a playful color palette which circles around itself until transitioning into the logo. It is a fun, and memorable animation representing creativity, inclusivity, and growth; all of which are part of the brands values.

FIDI logo animation

The Florence Institute of Design International is a private school for designers located in Florence, Italy. They offer a variety of design courses ranging from summer courses to Masters programs.

They have a very strong, and professional logo that works very well for FIDI's brand identity. The school has a good social media presence, but they were looking for an appropriate logo animation to represent the school through social media posts.

This is the final solution. The logo fades in from the distance, and as it pieces itself together an array of colors flash over the logo, symbolizing innovation, and creativity. This is what the school is known for and pushes its students to strive for.


Aria, was an art exhibition held at Palazzo Strozzi, Italy in early 2020 featuring the artist Tomas Saraceno. The exhibition featured Tomas's multidisciplinary works that immured the viewer and took them on a journey of his views on life. With the use of light, spider webs, plants, and particles he created incredible works that depicted his metaphors of the universe.

This is a short promotional video created to draw in viewers to the exhibition. Each card was hand illustrated by the artist and represents each one of the exhibits.

Crypto Made Easy Intro

Crypto Made Easy is an e-learning service, teaching people about Cryptocurrency. This is the intro animation to the online lessons. The animation feature some major Crypto icons, geometric shapes, and moving typography; all pieced together with some quick transitions resulting in a fresh introductory animation for the lessons.

This intro was created with client usability in mind. The client can easily open the file and modify the title, and module, for future lesson intros.

The Wine Life

The Wine Life is a small booklet that tells the culture of Italy in a nutshell. It talks about Italy's food/dining experiences, music, art, and architecture. There are informational pages that briefly cover each of these topics, as well as illustration to go with them.

The booklet is more of a decorative piece, and so the reader can watch this animation of the illustrations in the booklet, and watch the scenes come to life.

Floret logo animation

A logo animation for the Foret Artisan Kitchen. This logo animation is appropriate for Florets brand because, although executed in a graphic manner there are dainty floral elements which hint at that natural and organic side to the brand, while maintaining that elegant/exclusive feel that they are known for. Floret is an advocate of an organic, and health lifestyle, and their brand has a very clean look to it. Therefore, this logo animation make an appropriate asset to their brand identity.